Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2011 pics-Bethany Christian Services party for Henry!

Jonathan, Henry, and Victoria, our adoption counselor

Henry and I with Victoria again, along with a beautiful blanket from the birth-grandmother to us!

Victoria had a little program printed up, read some Bible verses and prayed with us. What a special little time that was together! Yummy chocolate cake and apple cider to follow!

I'd recommend (and have) BCS to anyone looking for adopting. Our experience was amazing.

Thanks, Victoria!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 2011 pics-2 mo old!

One of my all-time favorite sweet pics of my son. What a precious little one he is. I can't imagine loving him more than I do now...and yet, I seem to say that anew every day.

Cousin Sara was so sweet with him! I can't wait for them to know each other more as time develops!

Cousin Kate is so sweet with Henry as well! I can't believe we've been so lucky in having her so close by (in Baltimore) for this last year and a half! What a great example for little Henry to see in his young life!

Is that just pure happiness, or what?!

If you're ever having a bad day...

Granny is the best!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Highlights from July trip to the Outer Banks!

What a GREAT trip this was! Henry was 7 weeks old, and he got his first breaths of ocean breezes! What a great time it was!

Our neighbors right next door, were so generous! They offered for Henry and I to join them for a few days. Unfortunately Jonathan and had to work and couldn't join us. We both missed him very much.

I think it was both the sound of the ocean and the warm breezes that put Henry out as soon as we hit the outside air from the comfort of indoor air conditioning...but it was amazing how much he seemed to enjoy his time at the beach!

What a cool dude! How cute is he?!! 

His trunks are a bit big for him now, but may fit him in November when we head out to the California beaches! :)

So, I carried him in this modified carrier scarf...lightweight and it kept him close to me as we walked from the house to the beach. Something about that closeness that babies (and certainly this mother!) seem to need at this tender age.

There was a pool in the backyard...also fun for him...warmer waters than when he dipped his little toes in the cold ocean!

Jess was such a little mother hen to Henry while we were there...so cute!

Poor Henry...baby in a bucket! Can you tell we live in the heart of Virginia Tech and University of VA homes?! We had to celebrate, though...both Carolyn & Gordon were grads from VT!

Love this picture especially with Jess's hair flying!

Such a cutie!

So, another photo op of Henry out to eat dinner in a restaurant for the first time...notice he's checking out which beer they have on tap?!

We had so much fun together! What a wonderful break for me to have many hands all day long willing to take over feedings, etc.!

Beautiful big beach! There's nothing like NC beaches!

I'm reminiscing right now...and will remember this in the dead of winter!

Even the fish loved Henry! Kissy-kissy! 

Jess & Gordon out early catching and releasing!

Happy baby under the tent on the beach...We took walks every day. The last day, Henry had his bottle while on the sand with me!

Gordon's parents joined us. Such lovely southern people!

More of Gordon's family

What a great time we had! Thank you so much, Carolyn and Gordon, for your generosity! We LOVED every minute of it and have SUCH fond memories!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

First GNO!

My first planned Girls Night Out was with my friend, Kathy and her daughter Melissa. We had so much fun at the opening of the Harry Potter finale part II!

First of all, thank you to my wonderful husband Jonathan, who gave us a gift certificate for a lovely dinner at Tysons, then tickets to see HP! What a supportive and loving husband! I love you!

The line was a bit long to wait in for the good seats, but we dressed up and had fun waiting!

It was sooo worth seeing! What a great conclusion to all the movies and books leading up to it. Can't wait to see what's next for J.K. Rowling as well as all the actors. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July baby shower with Vienna Presby Church friends

What fun we all had at Christine & Allen's home. It was a beautiful day. There were yummy food and games for all to enjoy! 

Hello Allison!

BFF college friend Kristi graced us with her presence for the party and drove down from NJ for the whole weekend! What a great time we had together! :)

Loved the signed stuffed doggy...

Hi Erin!

Sweet Joyce!

Hello Pricilla!

Christine certainly was and is always the hostess with the mostest! :)

Danielle came also!

...and Holly!

Julia too!

...and fellow children's choir director Catherine!

Kate (in the middle) co-hosted with Christine. Thank you so much, Kate!

So many lovely sopranos - Melinda came too!

...and perhaps a future soprano or alto, Caitlin added such sweetness to the day as well!

What a fun time we had!!

Their generosity was so lovely. It was so nice to share my happiness about Henry with all these beautiful ladies!

Kelly and Caitlin were wonderful assistants!

I loved this game of trying out the different baby foods and guessing what was what! It definitely stumped me a bit!...but I still won! Yippee!

Didn't taste too good, Julia?! :)

Nope...some of them certainly didn't taste yummy. I plan on making some of my own food for Henry...but it's still good to try the pre-made stuff that's already done for us. (Although there's so much sugar and salt added...I'm not a fan of that!)

Thank you so much, all of my fellow musician friends and Bible Study friends, for giving me such a lovely and generous baby shower! I'm still reeling from it!